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more than you asked

Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. American
Location Seattle, WA
School. Bellevue Univ
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The calendar must be lying
Sunday. 12.14.03 4:03 pm
We really have more than 11 days before Christmas, right? No?


I'm done shopping, decorating, baking cookies and planning party menus. You know what I hate, though? I spend about 3 months preparing for a day that's over in ... well ... a friggen day! Then there's all that post-holiday let-down to deal with. I hate putting away all my pretty village pieces and taking my cute little wooden ornaments off the tree.

I know, I know...if I left it up all year, it wouldn't be as *special* huh?


So, now I get to spend the next 11 days trying to sloooooooooow everything down, so we can just enjoy the holidays.

Do me a favor, anyone who reads this. Pick one day and stop all the preparations, planning, shopping, etc.. Pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate with extra whipped cream on top, or buy one of those *to-die-for* pepperment mocha's at Starbucks. Light a fire, turn on some Christmas carols and grab all your favorite people and sit around and *enjoy* each other for that one day. When you start to feel that warm fuzzy feeling inside and realize it's not the peppermint giving you heartburn...that's what it's all about. That's Christmas. Close your eyes and basque in it for a bit. Ahhhhhhh.

Nice, isn't it?

Happy Holiday's everyone.

Falalalala la la la la ....

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Force of will...
Monday. 12.1.03 5:50 pm
Everyone in my house has gotten the flu except me. I positively refuse to get it. This is my last full week of school and then I have two finals next week. Who has time to be sick?

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Yeah. I mean you. *wave*


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What to do
Friday. 11.21.03 10:03 pm
I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to go back to school and get a BS in Computer Science. Pretty straight forward, right?


Now that I'm actually IN school, I'm not so sure Computer Science is the direction I want to go. Psychology has my interest at the moment, along with Sociology.

I better buckle down and choose a major quick, before I start wasting time on classes I dont' need for whatever I end up doing.



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Did I say that?
Tuesday. 11.18.03 12:34 am
Did I say I could handle this? Really?


I finished the major assignment, so that's good. The sociology journals, well....I've gotten the header set up if that counts for anything! What else? oh yeah. Math test. Friday. I'm gonna fail that.


Anyone have a graphing calculator I can borrow?


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What a blah freakin' day
Saturday. 11.15.03 7:58 pm
You know that out-of-it feeling you get when you've been totally unproductive all day? Like sort of spacey tired?

Yep. That's me today.

I analyzed 120 magazine ads today. Yeah, that's not a typo. I've counted men, women, children, smiles and product placement. I've looked at body language, colors, and target audience. There is nothing about those 120 ads that I couldn't tell you. Except, maybe, what they're selling. Ha.

In case you're wondering, no, I'm not a glutten for punishment and I don't have a strange fascination with advertizing. This is the big sociology assignment that is due on Monday. I'm looking at how advertising tailors itself to different genders. I'm also trying to figure out what we learn from the ads. We women learn we are to be pretty, soft and generally care more about a certain lifestyle than a particular product. Men learn to be stylish, drink a lot and always know what time it is. No joke. I base that purely on the number of ads geared toward a specific product for men and for women. Women's magazines contained ZERO ads for alcohol, tobacco or watches. Mens had more watch ads than anything else. A close second was the alcohol ads. Funny, huh?

So, yeah. I won't bore you with any more of my anguish.


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Now we're cooking with fire
Friday. 11.14.03 4:34 pm
Alrighty! Thanks Dave for helping me get things sorted out so I can post. :)

I have a major Sociology assignment due Monday, a math test next friday, an essay to edit and one to write, and 3 weeks of Soc. journaling to catch up on.

Can we say STRESS??

It's alright. I can handle this. Really. Just you watch.


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